Thesele leads festive sports in own constituency

  • 12 January, 2019

The Minister of Communications Science and Technology Chief Thesele Maseribane took part in different sports at 2018 Mount Moorosi festive tournament held at Maseribane high school in December.

In an interview at the event Chief Maseribane said the tournament is important as it keeps youth busy during the holidays in which most of them are exposed to crime and drug and alcohol abuse.
He note that the tournament is vital as some youth that participated gain experience that lead them to district, national and international teams, adding that it is through this sports youth lean that talent could lead to a bright future.
He further said the 2018 tournament is also of the biggest of its kind as it marks 10 years and Members of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) have come to show case different sports to the youth, adding that more prizes have been awarded to different community groups at the tournament and this is a great achievement.
One of the participants who participated in building and relay said the tournament has been motivational and kept them busy from alcohol abuse and crime during the holidays.
He expressed gratitude for the car painting spray compressor he has worn at the tournament as it will boost his business of car seats covering and further called to the youth to work hard and take a responsibility to improve their lives socially and economically.
Attendants at were also asked questions on among other history and current affairs of the country and winners were awarded different prizes that include money, television sets and cell phones.
The tournament ended on Christmas weekend after winners will be awarded prizes that include trophies, medals, sports attire and balls while participating teams will also be awarded consolation prizes of balls.
At least 12 football teams and four net ball teams participated in 2018 Mount Moorosi festive tournament.

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