Onesmo Alfred McBride Ngow

IBF calls on African boxing bodies to action

  • 7 October, 2018

The IBF-Africa’s President and Representative to Africa and the Middle East, Tanzania’s Onesmo Alfred McBride Ngowi has maintained his position in the IBF Ratings Committee. Ngowi calls upon national commissions (boxing bodies) in Africa and Middle Eastern countries to send official results of their boxing activities so that he can recommend them to the committee.

He said without official results issued by national boxing bodies on their letterheads and stamped appropriately, he cannot recommend boxers to the committee. Under the chairmanship of Miramontes, the IBF ranking system is one of the most sought-after in the world.

The IBF Ratings Committee is under the chairmanship of Anibal Miramontes from the US, along with IBF Continental Presidents and USA’s Eddie Cotton, a Board Member who also represents ring officials.

The IBF is managed by the President and Commissioner, Daryl Peoples from the US, who also chairs the board of directors.

Other members and the countries they represent are: Roberto Rea (IBF Representative for Europe) from Italy, Ben Keilty (IBF Representative for Australasia) from Australia, Khal Mikhail Denisov (IBF President Eurasia and IBF Representative in that region) Russia, Ruihang Wang (IBF President China and IBF Representative to China) China.

Anibal Miramontes, Ben Keilty, Roberto Rare, Eddie Cotton are also on the IBF Board of Directors.

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