Vendors decry filthy Maseru city

  • 4 January, 2019

The chairperson of Khathang Tema Baitsokoli, Tsólo Lebitsa has registered a complaint about community members who litter everywhere, leaving the city unclean and dirty as this have negative effect on vendors’ businesses.

According to Lebitsa, potential customers are reluctant to buy products displayed within a dirty place because the perception is that such products could be dirty as well.
“People continue to litter everywhere. The city is not clean and therefore make clients reluctant to buy our products,” he stressed.
Although vendors in Maseru city are working hand in hand with Maseru City Council (MCC) to restore order, Lebistas said the challenge facing growth and development of small business particularly street vendors is continuing because of littering that is not stopping.
According to Lebitsa, if street vendors are to realise profits in 2019, there will be a need for concerted efforts to enforce regulations to ensure that Maseru and the country are kept clean.
On its part as the organisation, Khathang Tema Baitsokoli has organised a series of training workshops meant to assist members with required skills on how to maintain clean environment and how to grow their businesses.
“Our target is 200 initial members out of it’s over 1000 membership who will be expected to impart the knowledge to other members in their respective areas,” said Lebitsa.

Meanwhile, the MCC has raised a concern that despite a series of awareness campaigns aimed at educating members of the public and street vendors about the importance of proper waste disposal and management, many of them still litter all over.

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