Storm affects court services

  • 5 December, 2018

Following the storm which occurred over the weekend, services at the Maja Local Court will be disrupted after the roofing of the court was blown away.

This was revealed by the Magistrate Information Officer Ms. 'Mampota Phakoe in an interview where she stated that even though services will still be rendered because the ceiling of the building is still there, but during rainy days, there will be no services.

“Court proceedings are still continuing at the said court because the ceiling is there, but they will be put on hold when it’s raining”, she added.

She said this would increase the number of courts not operational to three after the burning down of the Ketane, Setleketseng and Sefikeng courts a few years ago.

She appealed to the public to be patient as some of their cases might be postponed, especially when it rains.

On the other hand, the Area Chief of Ha-Pasane Boinyatso Chief Masekoane Pasane noted that about 47 households were affected by the storm, saying some were blown away completely while others were partially blown away.

He explained that about three girls aged five and six were hit by stones as the roofs of their homes were blown away, citing that they were treated as outpatients.

He mentioned that for those who had their houses completely blown away, they were accommodated by some community members while those with partially blown houses were provided with tents to cover the affected parts.

The Chief said the Disaster Management Authority (DMA) has already assessed the damage, but appealed to them to be transparent and effective when assisting the affected families. He added that in 2015 after a similar storm had hit families in his area the DMA selectively helped people.

“The DMA should help all affected Basotho without any discrimination,” Chief Pasane said.

However, efforts to speak to the DMA were fruitless as the phone rang unanswered.

Meanwhile, there are no statistics on the houses that were damaged by the storm; however, it has been learnt that some communities from Mazenod, Ha-Motloheloa, Nazareth and Qoaling have also been affected. Lena

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