Radio Maria donates to the vulnerable

  • 2 October, 2018

MASERU - In a packed hall at Lehakoe Recreation Centre, Radio Maria certificated the Sisters of Charity for their noble work of caring for disabled and orphaned children and the elderly.

The station also gifted the vulnerable groups mentioned with early Christmas food packages.
The event that opened to a Holy Mass and led by the choir of St. Cecilia was led by Bishop Joale Tlhomola (SCP) and graced with the presence of the beneficiaries from across the country as well as the Minister of Communication, Science and Technology among others.
At this ceremony, the Chairperson of Radio Maria Board, Dr. Letholetseng Ntsike encouraged the congregants to adopt the Proverbs 22:9 and 3:27 way of living and thanked those who gave happily out of the goodness of their hearts through money and otherwise.
She asserted that the initiative serves to indicate that they follow the Christ who gave himself to the people, hence said it is only right to follow in his footsteps by extending a helping hand to them lame, sick and vulnerable to say they have done what is good before the eyes of God.
The Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, Mr. Thesele ‘Maseribane on the other hand indicated that the gesture comes amid his Ministry’s preparation for the celebration of World Post Day with the disabled and deaf children cared for in Leribe on the day he said is yet to be appointed.
He said he found it befitting to commemorate the day with people whom God has denied what he has hence his invitation to join in the celebration on that day.
Minister ‘Maseribane thus commended the initiative he called Christmas before Christmas which he said he regards as one signifying love.
He added therefore in disclosing that government has passed a motion in Parliament towards legalising free provision of sanitary towels to girls of menstruation age to enable them to freely learn without skipping school when they are on their periods.
He further revealed that 30 computers are yet to be allocated to the shepherds and indicated therefore that Radio Maria will be entrusted to distribute them so that the beneficiaries have a good experience with their first touch of the computer giving them hope for a better future.
He thus commended the Sisters of Charity for the kind act of caring for the vulnerable saying they will come back invigorated next time.
On this note thanking the organisers on behalf of all the Catholic Clergy, Bishop Tlhomola noted that this is the ground-breaking initiative of this nature in the history of the Catholic Church in Lesotho.
He expressed gratitude to the Radio Maria Committee for organising such a selfless, noble gesture and encouraged that the bar be raised a bit higher during the next initiative.
Bishop Tlhomola additionally thanked the administrators and managers of the organisations as well as individuals that did not hesitate what he said is the work done on behalf of the church as it is its responsibility to care for the destitute. He also noted that the relationship of the Church and government comes way back despite tribulations that imposed on it.
Sister Theresia Noko from Elizabeth Brewer old age Home in Pitseng on behalf of certificated helpers thanked Radio Maria for honouring them by recognising their effort and expressed hope that the radio station broadcasts on a wider spectrum to all parts of Lesotho such that the work of God is attained. She additionally expressed delight that several vulnerable groups mentioned above will benefit from the gifts awarded to them as they cannot do it by themselves.
Initially founded as a parish radio station in 1983, in Arcellasco d'Erba, in the province of Como in the Diocese of Milan, Italy, the World Family of Radio Maria (WFRM) made Lesotho the 76th country in which it operates when it launched in April.

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