Economically, Lesotho depends on it's water resources to create revenue for the country

Qopo community: Water scarcity now bigger than financial crisis

  • 7 December, 2018

The Qopo community, in Berea, is currently facing extreme water shortages, said the Community Councillor Mrs. Matebello Nkimane. The villagers are currently struggling to access drinking water. According to Mrs. Nkimane, the conditions have worsened so much that community members are in their third week without clean water.

At the moment, water sources have dried up due to drought and villagers are forced to travel long distances in order to reach active water sources in some dongas.

The Qopo Community Councillor said, at times, villagers visit neighbouring villages where they are drilled boreholes, but they have to pay a minimum of M2 per bucket for them to get water.

“When conditions are like this, the vulnerable families who cannot afford the M2 suffer the most,” she said.

So far, according to Mrs. Nkimane, the Qopo Community Council approached the Department of Rural Water Supply, but the institution complains about lack of funds to support any project to alleviate the situation.

One villager, Mr. Michael Hlehlethe, said their village used to have an active rural water supply network for the past 10 years, but now the village has experience growth to the extend that the water source no longer meets the demand of the community.

Mr. Hlehlethe indicated that water is life, but the prevailing conditions are a massive challenge that requires urgent attention.

“The worst part is that the water we buy at a costly price from neighbouring villages where they are boreholes tastes salty and we wonder if it is even safe for consumption,” Mr. Hlehlethe lamented.

Mr. Hlehlethe’s heart aches for the elderly people who suffer the wrath of the water scarcity; hence the need for urgently addressing the matter.

Other villages suffering from water shortages include Ha-Phiri, Korotsoane and Ntsabane. Lena

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