Motimposo MP remembers old aged in constituency

  • 10 January, 2019

By Nkoate Thamae

About 100 needy people including the old aged received food parcels at a social event organised by Motimposo Member of Parliament (MP) Thabang Mafojane at Ha Ts’osane in Maseru on January 6.

The food parcels consisted of bath soaps, packets of salt, sugar, rice, trays of eggs, maize meal, fish and cooking oil among others.

MP Mafojane said he hosted the event as he felt bound to pay back to the supporters of All Basotho Convention (ABC) and the electorate in general in his Motimposo Constituency who elected him to the 11th parliament in 2017 elections.

“My duty is to amend laws in the parliament and negotiate budget for developments in Motimposo constituency. I work in collaboration with Motimposo’s councilors to ensure smooth running of developments in this constituency,” he explained.

Mafojane took the opportunity to thank the efforts of the First Lady ’Maisaiah Thabane who protested against the dumping site in the area and asked for its removal as it is a health hazard to the community. “The inspection of Ts’osane dumping site by First lady will make a significant change because it will be removed from our village in the near future”.

Mafojane said there was a need to install more street lights and repair roads in the streets of Motimposo and wished the developments could be done in the 2019 financial year.

According to Mafojane there are long term plans to construct a shopping mall in the constituency in future near Chabala Dam and if the plan could be realized there will be creation of jobs for the community.

He said: “Whenever roads are improved in this area, community members should be given first preference on employment. There will be a new tar road along Terminus to Tsosane and we should see young people from here getting jobs.”

One of the recipients of food parcels, ’Malehlohonolo Lechaka, 72, praised Mafojane for fulfilling one of the ABC promises and practicing the ruling party’s motto ‘Sera-sa-motho ke tlala’ (Poverty is the man’s biggest enemy).

“Blessed is the hand that giveth,” she said speaking on behalf of recipients.

The party top dogs who graced the occasion took turns to congratulate fellow MP Mafojane. “Our 4x4 coalition government is faced with a big challenge of creating jobs for Basotho, especially young people hence we will do all in our efforts to ensure that it is achieved. We will not live in a comfort zone and forget about the people who elected us to power,” said Maseru East MP and deputy works minister Mokherane Tsatsanyane.

MP for Mokhotlong and defense minister Tefo Mapesela also hailed his comrade for giving back to the community “unlike some MPs who tend to forget about those who elected them.”

When giving an example of how ABC is committed to fulfilling its promises to the electorate, Mapesela said the ruling party promised old aged persons a monthly increment of pensions to M700,00 before general elections and fulfilled it immediately after elections.

“We wanted the old age to start getting their pensions from the age of 60, only to find the government purse empty. The cabinet is working on this matter to see where the pension can at least start even if it may not be from 60 years,” he said.

Speaking on the eradication of crime, Mapesela vowed to rid the public of the so-called born-to-kill gang (BTK), a gang said to be residing in Motimposo and implicated in a series of murder cases, including the woman found dead at Sethaleng sa Mopapa in Maseru recently. “I am informed this gang is identified with tattoo marks on their arms. I warn them to refrain from such misconduct as I am ready to hit them hard,” he forewarned.

Mapesela expressed happiness that the Tsoasane dumping site will be relocated. “This site is smelling like one Chinese owned butchery in Maseru which sells expired and rotten meat to Basotho. Such places are a health risk to the people living around them. The public must refrain from buying from such places,” he stressed.

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