The constitutional monarch of Basotho nation, King Letsie III

King Lestie pleas for nation’s renewal

  • 1 January, 2019

In his New Year’s state message, King Letsie III has called upon the nation to commit to and embrace the construction of the ‘Lesotho We Want’ through national reforms anticipated to yield stable, peaceful developed country.

According to the King’s national well-wishing message on state media the Kingdom has gone through several challenges that negated her political climate, most of which led to the introspection by its leadership towards finding a lasting solution.
He said: “For a long time Basotho have been talking about reforming the pillars of governance comprising the constitution, parliament, judiciary, security, the public service and the economic sectors. I am delighted to see the nation interacting and negotiating on how to implement the roadmap of the reforms that was last month launched and I hope that Basotho will dedicate effort into the initiative towards making the Lesotho they would all be proud of.”
“Reforms give us a chance to recreate and rehabilitate the foundations that were destroyed,” said the King also expressing a belief that all yearn for peace and stability for the country whose founder (King Moshoeshoe I) venerated peace as her sister.
King Letsie invited all to pledge anew on loving and serving Basotho with sympathy and to show dedication and selflessness to change Lesotho’s situation and taking her to an improved economic status. He additionally called on all to ask God’s guidance by aligning with Moses sentiments in Exodus 34:9. In the Bible.
He invited all stakeholder organisations to collaborate and come up with a plan of action for job creation to address the current dilemma of unemployed, qualified Basotho youths roaming the streets to look for jobs without any success; one of the biggest challenges plaguing Lesotho today.
He reminded the nation that the country is also facing the negative effects of climate change with an example of a long spell of drought Lesotho has been suffering from leading to low food production. “Due to delayed rains this year the country is continuing to face similar dilemma. There is need to rollout mitigation to adapt to the effects of climate change. I appeal to experts in the field of agriculture to brainstorm on mitigative intervention towards ensuring adequate food production,” he said.
By virtue of being a Nutrition Champion of the African Union (AU) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) the King said he was perturbed by the situation of hunger facing Lesotho and other African countries.
During the festive season and while celebrating the dawn of New Year, according to King Letsie, it is befitting to everyone to be thankful to God for lending everyone a life “because it is only by grace that many of us have journeyed. I invite you all to remember the departed souls and pray that their souls rest in eternal peace and for the sick to heal.”
He reminded Basotho that Lesotho continues to lose a great number of her professionals and experts with great potential to develop Lesotho due to AIDS-related illnesses currently plaguing her people. “This calls for the need to roll-out effective strategies to fight the scourge and end the pandemic because statistics still indicate that Lesotho ranks second position in the world on infection prevalence. The as therefore among other preventive strategies rolled out the self-test screening to enable people to know their HIV status.”
“It is when we know our status that we will be initiated on treatment free of charge,” said King Letsie also encouraging partners to be faithful to one another and practice safe sex at all times.
He concluded: “I wish all a safe year-end festivities and that the New Year brings new success.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger