House on fire

Fire roasts granny to ashes

  • 23 October, 2018

KABELO MASOABI TEYATEYANENG (TmgLive) – Chief Makhobalo Teketsi of Koenaneng Ha Teketsi itends to hold a public gathering tomorrow Wednesday, to address issues of vulnerability and protection of elderly people in his area.

This was provoked by last week’s death of a granny aged 90 who died after her house was gutted by fire at night and her roasted corpse was recovered at dawn on the following morning.

According to Chief Teketsi the house was seen burning at around 3am last Friday and attempts to rescue the deceased came too late as she was found already dead at the time.

“Her corpse that was badly burnt was pulled out by men of the village and the police of the Criminal Investigation Division were alerted. We suspect it was a candle that lit the house and we also heard that the deceased, who was living alone, used to store paraffin under a table she put a candle on,” he explained.

Although he counted this misfortune to be first of its kind to occur in his village, he wanted his people to be cautious and protective of vulnerable elders.

The CID officers who collected the corpse said they would conduct a post-mortem only if the family of the deceased suspected a foul play, according to the Chief.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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