AD women’s league heads for elective conference

  • 10 January, 2019

By Kabelo Masoabi

The Alliance of Democrats Women Executive Committee (WEC) is to be dissolved to clear for a fresh one to be elected in a three-day conference starting from 25 January.

The hall in Maseru where the elective conference will convene at was yet to be announced while most of the candidates’ names from constituencies have been submitted for the elections according to WEC Spokesperson ’Mabulara Lehloka.

“The committee is build-up with 13 member candidates plus 3 picked from the Youth Executive Committee (YEC) which means women from 18 years are liable to be voted for in AD,” she explained.

She further urged winners and losers to accept election results at the end of the conference and not to copycat common disputes that regularly torment other political parties, citing AD women should lead by example in soldering the nation; which is their motto.

Secretary for WEC Limakatso Mokoka calculated a number of achievements that the outgoing committee managed to achieve during its term that included pushing for the National Executive Committee campaigns to succeed, effecting that so far 56 constituency committees have been elected and offering various tools to help the vulnerable people including the mentally ill at the Mohlomi Hospital in 2018.

She also showed that in AD, which she said has provided citizens with jobs regardless of their political affiliation, women constituted a large percentage of which women have a 30% membership in the NEC and YEC and the NEC General Secretary was also a woman.

“Most general members of AD are women and this means women are at the fore for lobbying new members into the party. They are the main pillar for the growth of the AD,” she said.

Asked on radio why more people should join their party she was quick to say, “We cannot be one party nation but we as AD advocates for oneness of Basotho nation. We should do away with split-ups that led our country into a devastating poverty.”

AD forms part of the coalition government and was established by its leader Monyane Moleleki in December 2016 after he broke away from the Democracy for Congress.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger