Justice Molefi Makara

Accused describes torture ordeal

  • 5 December, 2018

A Botha-Bothe man charged in the High Court with the death of a woman he is suspected to have raped has described his ordeal while in police custody in Botha-Bothe. Mr. Renang Ramakatane is charged with killing Lineo Tšoeu on January 1, 2013, in Likileng Botha-Bothe, and is further suspected of allegedly killing the deceased after raping her.

Mr. Ramakatane told the court that he was arrested on January 1, 2013 and saw the Magistrate on January 3 but stayed in the Botha-Bothe prison for five months.

This he said while giving evidence in the High Court before Justice Molefi Makara. He is represented by Advocate M. Hlakametsa and he pleaded not guilty.

The accused told the court that at the police station the police put him on the bench  and he was lying with his feet tied with ropes as the police asked him to tell the truth.

“They assaulted me with a pick-handle and asked me who killed the deceased.

“When I denied any knowledge of the matter, they put a tube in my mouth and said if I am speaking the truth I should raise my hand,” Mr. Ramakatane said.

The police, he testified, then put him in a vehicle (an Avanza) and asking him to go and point the spot where he had killed the victim.

Mr. Ramakatane told the court that when he showed the police the place where they had been drinking that day, the police instead took him to the fields.

The accused said they drove to the village of Kamohelo, the police let the community pull him with ropes on his feet. At one house in that village, they “forced me into the toilet, saying I should take off the clothes”.

In that house, there was no clothing except sneakers.

According to the accused, the police further allowed the community members to attack him to an extent that he could not differentiate who was who - between the police and the public because “I was covered with blood,” he said.

In the midst of this, the accused said he heard a sound of a gun.

“The police then took me to hospital where my wounds were stitched and I was returned to the police station with no medication,” he said.

Cross-examined by Advocate Peleha Joala whether the police had given a medical form to see the doctor, the accused admitted that he did not have a medical form.

Mr. Ramakatane said even at the hospital, the stitching took place in the store. “I had nothing to prove that I was taken to hospital,” he said. Metro

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