Maputsoe taxi rank in Leribe District

Taxicab drivers forced to bath in dam

  • 21 October, 2018

KABELO MASOABI MAPUTSOE (TmgLive) – Taxicab drivers weary of complaints from passengers about their unhygienic bodies, forced some of their own to bath in the dam.

Two 4+1 cab drivers, suspected to have been the cause of commuters’ complaints, were compelled to bath in Ha Nyenye dam, after which they were showered with new tidy clothes.

Commuters in Maputsoe have been complaining about drivers who do not only smell bad but also wear shabby clothes. They appealed to taxicab drivers to practice personal hygiene as passengers cannot withstand bad odours when they travel in taxicabs.

“Yes it has become common talk that as taxicab drivers and our assistants we wear messy clothes and we do not bath. This is not true. There are few of us who refuse to conduct themselves in hygienic manner and we are going to correct that by force,” explained one of the cab drivers, Mohlomi Moalosi.

He said they have been appealing to their fellow drivers to avoid painting a bad image of taxicab drivers in the eyes of the public but that appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

He warned: “The solution is to make them bath by force, and it is not a pleasant experience.”

The black sheep taxicab drivers were picked up at the Maputsoe taxi terminal by a 10-man army of angry fellow drivers who forced them to bath in the dam.

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