Local fashion artists to display their talent in France

  • 10 January, 2019

By Lineo Mabekebeke

Lesotho Fashion Week (LSFW), a platform for youth to promote their talents on art, is dispatching some local fashion artists to Paris in France where they will be displaying their art among other exhibitors from around the world in March.

The idea of the global event, according to the organisers, is to boost Lesotho fashion designers onto the world stage so that they can attain commercial sustainability post showcasing at market  platform.

The international expedition follows the designer’s showcase at Lesotho fashion week first event, where they participated in cat-walk photographs, look books and videos. The designer’s footage was then sent to the executive director at Paris Fashion Week Studio Inc, who reviewed the footage and selected one designer whose collection was deemed to be suitable for the European market.

Sobukwe Mapefane, one of the fashion week organisers, said the aim of taking designers to Paris is to introduce them to the global fashion capital and its international consumers while opening further trade opportunities for their fashion business.

“Many of these designers are not export ready, the intention of this initiative is to test the European market while exposing them to the international best practice techniques and designs that should teach them how to produce designs that are demanded globally but incorporating the unique Lesotho design nature,” he said.

He explained: “They are taken to France because there is a big African diaspora within the French economy that is extremely pro-Afrocentric and we have found through experience that outside of the African continent, African fashion designers tend to do very well commercially within such international markets (USA, UK, and France).”

One of the designers who has been chosen to go to France, Rebokile Dibo Lekena, thanked LSFW for being a platform that promises to take incredible skills and talents that are found in Lesotho to the world. “This is going to change the fashion mood in Lesotho and all the efforts have to be focused on presenting Lesotho talent at a world class level,” she said.

Asked what she did in order to be selected, Lekena said: “I worked very hard to follow the given theme. I understood what was needed from me I want to invite those who are not aware of how LSFW can expose their talent to start taking part in the competitions like Autumn/Winter 2019 or come and see what other designers and artists are doing. They will also meet like-minded designers and be able to exchange ideas.”

The next LSFW event will be held in May in Maseru where the designers will showcase their Spring 1 Summer 19 Women’s and Men’s wear collections by designers from all over the world.

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