‘Basotho are not foreigners in SA’

  • 13 December, 2018

Free Basotho Movement (FBM) says Basotho should not be considered as foreigners in South Africa (SA) and there should be free movement across border for Basotho while they use their identification documents.

“We suggest that Lesotho identification documents be fully recognised in SA and Basotho should not be treated as foreigners since South Africa has more Basotho Lesotho,” suggested the social movement of Basotho living in SA.

In a letter written to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Lesotho, dated December 9, BFM demands that their grievances and suggestions should be attended to before end of this year.

The letter is penned by BFM President, Dr. Letsema Morolong.

BFM was founded by Basotho natives living in SA, who are advocating for free movement between the two countries.

“We request for a speedy meeting with relevant officials to discuss, among others, the abolishment of passports when crossing between SA and Lesotho borders,” read the statement.

It suggests that dual citizenship status should be allowed for natives who reside in Lesotho and SA alike.

The list goes on to say a bilateral forum be established in order to work on a permanent solution on free movement and ensure that “Basotho are entitled to all benefits in SA”.

The letter notes that “freedom of the natives must be prioritised as a matter of urgency and colonial shackles must be removed immediately.

“We hope to receive a pro-native reply entailing date, time and venue of the meeting at your earliest convenient date, but before the end of December 2018.”

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