Farmers urged to plant vegetables

  • 10 January, 2019

Majaheng Community Council has encouraged members of the community to take opportunity of current rainfalls by planting vegetables for household consumption. This was said by Majaheng Electoral Division (ED) Community Councilor, Masekonyela Lelotha.

Lelotha said agriculture is a pillar of life, although she cannot deny that drought nearly left gardeners hopeless due to blazing temperatures which triggered water scarcity in some areas. “Therefore having received first showers of rain requires everyone to take action.”
She said planting vegetables in household will help combat poverty and hunger as well as rescuing families from buying of vegetables at the supermarkets at high costs.
She said that most fields were almost fallow due to drought and therefore encouraged planting of vegetables production through methods such as keyhole gardens as the most easiest one that can be easily practiced by everyone to ensure food security for the household.
“Now that God has answered our prayers with showers, it is high time that every member of the community have faith and grow crops not only in their gardens but also in their crop fields,” she said and also warned that the climate conditions could turn unreliable at any time.
Berea is one of  districts in the lowlands and usually suffer from worst impacts of El Nino, when weather heat rise up to 30 celcius degree leading to most villages running out of water.


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