Mrs Mpho Mpesele, Acting Head of Human Capital Management at LRA

LRA gears for competence and brand recognition

  • 11 October, 2018

LINEO MABEKEBEKE MASERU – Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) is gearing for competence of its staff and corporate brand recognition through its newly launched 2018-2023 corporate strategy.

“We are working towards a service culture through collaborative leadership, hence the theme of our strategy says ‘we are building’, and in order to achieve this, we have a set of coherent actions because there has to be coordination that one has to build on,” explained Mrs Mpho Mpesele, Acting Head of Human Capital Management.

When addressing the media in Maseru Wednesday last week, Mrs Mpesele said LRA wanted to share information about the new strategy project of reviewing the organizational structure and tax modernization.

She said the tax collection authority is working towards a service culture through collaborative leadership with the aim of building towards the next desired stage.

She said they had to consciously think about what they needed to do in order to come up with the structure that would serve the corporate strategy and the first thing that they needed to do was to develop a business operating model, which illustrated how they intent to do the business, the approach to adopt so as to achieve the strategy and what to do in order to add value to the clients.

She said: “Externally, we are saying we want to improve our brand recognition and respect. On the human capital, we are talking about improving the competences of our staff”.

According to Mr. Mokhethi Mabea, the Tax Organization Project Manager, in order to be organized, the authority came up with a strategy in terms of technology and enterprise architecture which focused mainly on the processes, the rules and the regulations as well as the systems which they use for good service delivery to the merchants.

“However, despite the modernization project we had, we still have some challenges and we believe with these new changes which include the implementation of the tax modernization project, we will reap benefits,” added Mr. Mabea.

The LRA’s five-year strategy is meant to build a service culture through collaborative leadership and it says it is going to invest in the five sources of capital which are; social, human, spiritual, innovation and financial sources, where they will emphasize on continuous improvement.

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