The Quthing-born star Tšepo ‘Sepalami’ Mohapi

‘Authenticity is what I am all about’

  • 10 October, 2018

ITUMELENG KOLEILE MASERU - A kwaito artiste and a radio presenter, Tšepo ‘Sepalami’ Mohapi, 24, who has recently released a single – ‘My life’ - said he found the genre enticing, real and closely related to him as he also easily, among other genres, related to it.

The Quthing-born star grew up listening to different genres as he was passionate about music. However, kwaito captured his heart when he realized that kwaito artistes are quite authentic in their music. He never looked back. He decided to take up the challenge.

“More than anything else it made more sense to me as I realized that the lifestyle is original and locally based as well as affordable. So, I fell for it,” he said.

Sepalami believes that identifying what suited him at an early stage and the fact that he found himself fitting into it as if he was created for kwaito, played a major role in modeling him up to become one of the kwaito stars.

Like any other product, Sepalami is of the belief that he has to protect his craft and one way to do so is to try as much as possible to avoid behaving badly in public.

“Respect is earned. It’s my talent and I have to ensure that it has an acceptable image to the public. Some petty issues like starting up a ‘beef’ with fellow artistes is not my style,” he explained.

He said he avoids consuming alcohol in public places as he does not want to be the one who can give the bad publicity to the industry.

About his new release, ‘My life’, which was triggered by an observation that there are a lot of individuals who, instead of minding their own businesses, they poke their noses into other peoples’ affairs, Sepalami is trying to send a message out there for people to avoid looking at the negative sides of others.

He retorted: “Some people are really gifted in meddling in other peoples’ businesses. It is very unfortunate that some people tend to see only what is negative about others while they deliberately ignore the good side. I composed that song merely to try and make people aware that sometimes it is best to let other people be and know that their matters are of no concern of the third parties.”

Sepalami said he draws inspiration from a well-known South African artiste, Professor. “I will not stop until I get due recognition in this industry within Lesotho and in South Africa. That’s my dream. Maybe one of these days I will even get a chance to feature with this SA proclaimed artiste. Not only should I be recognized in the music scene, but also to be the best on radio.”

Sharing his advice to the young and upcoming artistes, Sepalami said one needed to be polite and be brave enough to be a gate-keeper. While it is true that music requires creativity, he observed, not everything can be turned into a song, so one must trust God timing in order to come up with real songs at an appropriate time.

Sepalami is also a radio presenter at one of the community radio stations, Radio Maria.

“Apart from composing my songs from trending topics, I sometimes opt for real life stories which people can relate to and that I believe also make me unique,” he said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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