TRC calls for criminalization of torture

  • 18 October, 2018
  • TmgLive

MASERU (TmgLive) – Transformation Resource Centre (TRC), a local non-governmental orgnisation advocating for justice, peace and participatory devel...

Son rapes own mother

  • 15 October, 2018
  • TmgLive

KABELO MASOABI BEREA (TmgLive) - A 20-year-old man of Ha ’Mamathe allegedly chose death over prison after been tortured by fellow villagers who ha...

Fresh cops in court for bribery

  • 3 October, 2018
  • TmgLive

MASERU - Police officers who are accused of having allegedly opted for M1,900.00 bribery instead of arresting a crime suspect, are in hot water.

Inter-country police team to eliminate famo killings

  • 2 October, 2018
  • TmgLive

MASERU - Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) and his delegation will today in the afternoon meet with the South African Police (SAPS) in Ladybrand, Sou...

Still no clue on Pastor Mochochoko’s mysterious death

  • 29 September, 2018
  • TmgLive

MASERU - Death of owner of Insured Salvation Orphanage Pastor Mavis Mochochoko who was found dead in her bedroom in October last year remains a mys...

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