Mystery as ‘dead’ woman emerge well alive … deputy commissioner resigns

MASERU – Mrs Makarabo Mojakhomo mysteriously vanished from police custody. She was believed to have been kidnapped and killed. The family demanded police to produce her dead or alive. Now she is well alive, according to her lawyer.

Mrs Mojakhomo allegedly disappeared from police custody, under the police guard as she was about to be escorted to court to answer charges of theft and fraud on May 31. This after police arrested her for allegedly stealing thousands of money from her employer, Maesaiah Thabane Trust Fund, and misrepresented the office to the suppliers. It is reported the money was intended for payment of rent.

According to the Mojakhomo’s family barrister, Advocate Letuka Molati, Mrs Mojakhomo did not escape from police custody but was abducted with the help of the headquarters police in Maseru where she had been detained.

In a letter written to the police commissioner Holomo Molibeli, Adv Letuka says Mrs Mojakhomo “instructed me to inform COMPOL (commissioner of police) that when the time is right, she will come to Lesotho to answer criminal charges if any against her as she believes in her innocence until proven guilty before a court of law.”

He added: “Makarabo was advised not to disclose her whereabouts even to the author until such time that she has been put in proper witness protection because if her version were to prevail, the very high ranking people in Lesotho, civilians and also high ranking police officers are implicated in possible criminal charges.”
Adv Letuka said he had advised Mrs Mojakhomo to file a sworn statement in which she narrates all that had happened and promised to forward the statement to COMPOL upon receipt.

In the process of unfolding events Adv Letuka was taken for questioning at police headquarters in Maseru. He explained that he was called to clarify some of the points in his letter. He denied allegations that he might have been involved in Mrs Mojakhomo’s escape from custody saying, “I am not in any way associated with Mojakhomo’s escape”.
He said he could not have assisted Mrs Mojakhomo to escape as “her fraud case is petty and she might win it, pay fine or restore properties she is suspected to have wrongfully acquired.”
According to Adv Molati, Mrs Majakhomo’s case involves senior authorities but he promised that the detailed information will be in a sworn statement in which his client will narrate what actually happened.

In the midst of mysterious disappearance and sudden appearance of Mrs Mojakhomo, police have stated as false the allegations that Mrs Mojakhomo has been found alive in the Republic of South Africa (RSA).
Allegations went viral on social media, claiming that Mrs Mojakhomo was deserted by her kidnappers at a certain place in RSA since the payment agreement between them and the people who were said to have hired them to kill her on their behalf did not fulfil their promise.
Following the supposed disappearance of Mrs Mojakhomo from police custody, her father in law and sister, Mr Tello Mojakhomo and ‘Malesole Letsie filed a habeas corpus application against the Deputy Commissioner of Police Criminal Investigating Department, Commissioner of Police, Minister of Police, Police officers Tshabalala, Lethoko, Mohoang and Mongali and the Attorney General as first to the eighth respondents.
Mrs Mojakhomo is facing the charge of theft of funds from the office of the Prime Minister’s wife Trust Fund and also went to Decor Art Furnishers and misrepresented to have been sent by the trust fund to borrow a sofa for the upcoming event as well as asking for donations in the amount of M65,000.00 for the same event which lead to Jenny Rose San Diego who represents the furniture shop to releasing the sofa and money requested with the believe they were going to be used for the event during an incident that happened between February and May 2018.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Keketso Monaheng who was the Acting COMPOL when Mojakhomo allegedly escaped from police custody, has reportedly handed in his resignation with immediate effect on Monday. It was not yet clear if his resignation was connected with the case of Mrs Mojakhomo. This was however denied by the commissioner of Police Holomo Molibeli at a press conference today where he introduced Mr Monaheng clad in police uniform as evidence that he was still on duty and had not handed in any resignation letter.

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