Companies prepare for corporate challenge

MASERU (TMGLIVE) – The annual team building event of 2018 organized for companies – Corporate Challenge – is this year set to take place at Maseru Mall on August 17.

“The state is set for Corporate Challenge 2018… and it’s taking Lesotho ka (by) storm! We strictly limit entries to a maximum of 500 participants. The rationale behind this decision is to grow the event in quality rather than quantity. Participants can expect new improved games and challenges as well as quality event t-shirts,” said the organiser of the event, Manisha Black, the CEO of Black Mix Lesotho.

According to Ms Black, the event is back by popular demand, “this time with an amplified note. The 6th annual Corporate Challenge … is a team building event that  was successfully executed by Sky Adventures since its inception in 2013 and is now proudly owned by Black Mix Lesotho (BML).”

She said the Corporate Challenge aims not only to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst corporates, but also to boost company staff morale and improve communication amongst employees. “It is a competition between teams made up of strictly 5 participants, however, companies or organisations are not limited to one team, they can exceed to 20 teams if possible.”

Said Ms Black: “Corporate Challenge has been the talk of the town from the moment it was introduced in Lesotho and since then has been making marks. Earlier this year, Black Mix Lesotho announced the purchase of this phenomenal team-building event to ever hit the mountain Kingdom. As Christian Schmidt, the founder of Sky Adventurers explained, the event was sold to Black Mix Lesotho because Sky Adventures had transformed its mandate to focusing on other events outside Maseru thus the sales of Corporate Challenge to Black Mix Lesotho. Sky Adventures entrusted BML to fulfil the objective of the event because they know how to get stuff done, from planning an event down to its execution without any visible hiccups.”

Black Mix Lesotho is presented as an international brand, digital marketing and creative agency that embrace the know-how and new ways to solve business challenges through innovation and communications.

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Manisha Black

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