Govt to prop up livestock sector

Maseru – The government of Lesotho has pledged to continue supporting wool and mohair farming as well as the associated value chain in a bid to improve the business.


Presenting the 2018/2019 budget speech recently, finance minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro announced that about M277.8 million has been set aside to pursue the livestock economy investment.


As expected, farmers have hailed this pronouncement for its potentially positive impact on the subsistence economy.


The chairman of the Ramabanta Wool and Mohair Growers Association Mr Teboho Tšetše said he was happy that the government was supporting them.


“We have expectations regarding the money that has been set aside for livestock investment; we hope that the government engages us in all its plans regarding the budgeted money.”


He said challenges that need immediate attention include office space and disease outbreaks.


“I wish farmers affected by outbreaks of diseases could be assisted so they recover and continue to produce quality wool and mohair.


“Small-stock farmers need to be equipped with the knowledge of medication and its administration; some farmers lose their stock because they lacy information on vaccinating and screening of non-communicable diseases.”


He indicated that for years training has been provided to civil servants and not livestock owners, and blamed this for hindering the growth of their sector.


Mr Salemane Hoko, the chairman of the Semonkong Wool and Mohair Growers Association, was happy that the government was supporting them.


He, however, pointed out that they will be even more satisfied if all associations in the country were to have access to the money.


He called on government to devise ways interact with farmers to ensure the allocated money is accessed by farmers and does not ‘disappear’, as has become the norm with  funds set aside for development projects.


Wool and mohair are amo

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