Trading football for music

Trading football for music

Daniel Musetsi

It’s not just his outstanding goalkeeping prowess that made his female fans go weak at the knees. His vocal abilities also leave musicians panicking and audiences begging for more. “Casion Pee”, as Molefi Ramahlape is affectionately known among his peers in the music circles, is one of the few talents that switched football for music.

Like most local artists though, Casion Pee knows exactly what a struggle it is to get noticed in this demanding industry. The 20-year-old Mafeteng-born artist, who realised his first single in 2017 shares with Maseru Metro why and how he quit football, and also talks about his rise to fame.

“I grew up as a footballer. I was a goalkeeper at Mafeteng High School, and at my home team, Green Jumpers of Thaba-Tšoeu. I knew from a tender age that I was either going to be a professional soccer player or a musician.

“I have won so many medals as a player and as a member of the school choir. So, I guess that made me love both football and music,” Ramahlape said.

He lost his mother, ‘Mamorero Ramahlape, who was a single parent, in 2003 when he was at a tender age.

He however soldiered on with his aunt, who took over the nurturing responsibility.

“My mother left me too early. However, I don’t have to complain because my aunt, Maseabata Ramahlape made sure that I go on with life.

“I made a name for myself in football. I attracted the hard-to-please Bantu FC’s scouts and they were on the verge of signing me. Unfortunately, things went bad in 2016 after I completed my Form E,” he recalls.

“My results were bad therefore; my aunt suggested that I move from Mafeteng to stay with her at Ha Tsolo, in Maseru. Her mission was to make sure I focus more on school than on football.

“Indeed, in 2017, I moved and began the supplementary courses at Thetsane High School. It’s fair to disclose that my move from Thaba-Tšoeu to Maseru ended my football career.”

Music proved to be a perfect fall back for the former goal minder. He joined a local Sotho Hip Hop crew called ‘Penya Play’. This is a group led by Thaabe AKA Megahertz Letsie.

“I decided against playing football, especially for any team in Maseru. I therefore had one option, hang up my soccer boots.

“Boredom took its toll. I opted for music, and I don’t regret the decision I made. Music is my second God-given talent,” he states.

He quickly adapted in the industry and he introduced himself with a hot jam, Malome Vector. The song made waves and rocked Lesotho music circles and radio stations.

“I think I did a good thing by falling for Hip Hop. Malome Vector has done wonders to make me known. And it also made it easy for me to sign with Megahertz bossed crew, ‘Penya Play’.”

However, things are sour for the Lesotho Hip Hop sensation at Penya Play. His suggestions are not considered by the members. Practically, the needs of the fast growing rapper are not taken care of by the crew.

“When one door closes, the other one opens,” so they say. As if they were waiting for this opportunity; the famous music producer, Karabo ‘K.Deck’ Molise and Yemba Shungu agreed to work with Casion Pee. The trio is now sweating blood on the next hit, Never ke Fakacha. And the music video is on the way.

“It’s true that my stay at Penya Play is not as sweet as it used to be. My suggestions and tastes were not taken seriously there. I opted for K.Deck and Yemba Shungu. I am happy with our progress. This does not mean I am no more a part of Megahertz’s crew though.

“We have a killer track on the way. I named it Never ke fakacha as a promise to my fans that I will never disappoint them. I will keep on realising hot and nice songs.”

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