Sello urges transparency at mining workplaces

Sello urges transparency at mining workplaces

Mokhotlong – The Minister of Mining, Mr. Keketso Sello encouraged mining investors to promote transparency at workplace and have mutual trust with communities in order to ensure smooth operations of mines.

He said this on Friday while addressing the Mokhotlong community who were complaining of lack of transparency in the labour recruitment process at Mothae mine.

Mr. Sello said it has come to their attention that most mining investors inherit problems from early investors; therefore they are going to change strategies in order to calm community members.

He said: “Mining investors play critical role in economic development, but there is a need to establish a fair deal with communities by ensuring transparency and smooth operations at the workplace in order to promote the country’s development.”

He said they have learnt that peaceful resolution of conflicts is the best remedy and they recommended another meeting to re-establish a community committee in accordance with the mine’s guidelines and also map a way forward.

Mr. Sello said the high unemployment rate in Lesotho is a clear indication that there is still a long way to go and as a result there is a need to work together with mining investors in order to transform Lesotho for the better by working towards a shared vision.

Representing Mothae mine, Ms. Keketso Letuka Tshabalala said they are aware that lack of employment remains a critical issue which requires an appropriate approach.

Ms. Tshabalala indicated that inasmuch as Mokhotlong is abundant with minerals, they still have to benefit the entire nation and employment issues have to be conducted in a manner that caters for all districts in relations to skills required.

She further said when the mine is productive and things can go according to plan; they will recruit over 200 workers in June.

Ms. Tshabalala said a social responsibility strategy remains their top priority because the goal is to improve livelihoods, but that can be only be sustained by working in partnership with local communities.

She indicated that the most important issue at workplace is to separate politics from recruitment issues as their mining policy does not allow that.

After the public gathering the delegation of Minister of Mining and those of Mokhotlong District Administrator (DA) Mr. Serame Linake took a study tour to Mothae mine to learn about operational issues at the workplace. Lena

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