Rugby Federation to hold AGM

Rugby Federation to hold AGM

Maseru – The Federation of Lesotho Rugby (FLR) will on Saturday host a Reporting Annual General Meeting to review progress made during the previous year.

The FLR President, Mr Fetang Selialia said the forum also serves to help the institution self-reflect and establish whether they are still on track.

“The performance of the previous year has overall been good since we achieved a lot including the International Sevens Tournament,” he said, adding that the National rugby team, Likatola, also won the Rugby Africa against 12 teams.

Mr Selialia said they have administratively managed to turn a corner by engaging 80 schools, so far and they are currently engaging some in the Botha-Bothe district.

“For the first time in Lesotho, we have managed to hold a rugby women’s league and this shows that the sport is growing and gaining recognition,” he said.

Mr Selialia said they have begun drawing interest in schools around the country where the love for the sport has developed, but he however lamented on challenges such as lack of standard pitches locally.

“We frequently use Free State grounds because playing at home is not conducive for rugby approved matches,” he added.

Funding also restricts them from reaching highland areas to ensure the sport is as widely spread as possible, and this he said calls for them to keep pushing to attract local sponsorship for the Federation’s programmes.

Consistency among the rugby teams is meanwhile said to be a challenge as some have collapsed and leaving only seven teams situated in Maseru.

The rest are said to have collapsed due to the challenges due to lack of adequate funding to sustain the teams. The FLR’s plan is to meanwhile expand to the rural areas of Lesotho. Lena

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