‘Remove politics from workplace’

‘Remove politics from workplace’

Mokhotlong – The Mokhotlong District Administrator (DA), Mr. Serame Linake strongly appealed to Kenco Mining to consider people and their skills rather than focus on their political affiliation.

The DA made this remarks on Saturday at the public gathering at Mangaung, in the Moremoholo Valley where Kenco Mining have been prospecting diamonds at the Lithotobolong Mine for the past two years.

Mr. Linake said every Mosotho who qualifies for a job has the right to be employed and Basotho should support the government in its job creation strategies for the development of the country.

He said if they allow people to be discriminated at workplaces due to their political affiliation, the country won’t develop.

Mr. Linake said the mine is on the verge of resuming operations and possibly create more job opportunities.

Representing Kenco Mining, Mr. Kananelo Ntabejane said to establish a fully operational mine requires all the stakeholders to exercise patience and mutual trust.

Mr. Ntabejane said after developing an interest at Lithotobolong mine during their prospecting period, they will prioritise communities surrounding the project area in terms of jobs development projects.

“If the prospecting activity can produce a fruitful outcome, which will pave way for more jobs and infrastructure development as well as other services mushrooming within the area, he said.

Another representative from Kenco Mining, Mr. Molefe Mofana said it is only through the support from the community that can help transform the community if mining operations could be productive.

Mr. Mofana said even though they are going to start with activities that enable full operations at the mine, people should create jobs for themselves that supply the mine with necessary resources.

The Mangaung Community Councillor, Mr. Bakang Lesala said they are confident as a community that they would rip the benefits of the natural resources found in their community, adding that poverty and hunger would soon be history.

He highlighted that the community still requires health facilities within the area.

Meanwhile, the community members suggested that there should be a school at district level to train people on how to operate heavy duty machinery, which will in turn help the mine. Lena

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