Electricity installation: A dream come true

Electricity installation: A dream come true

Berea (TNS) – The Liboping Chieftainess, ‘Mahlabathe Majara of Berea expressed gratitude over the installation of electricity in her area, saying it is ‘a dream come true’.

The installation of electricity in nine villages in which villagers have to date contributed more than M500,000, started in December.

Chieftainess Majara applauded the four-by-four government for its humanitarian gesture which she said would facilitate villagers’ livelihood.

She said: “Children at our single primary school will be able to learn through computers, while at their homes they will be able to watch television.”

She however said water shortage still remains a major challenge in the area as villagers rely on a one hand operated water pump.

Chieftainess Majara said: “The situation is aggravated by the severe drought conditions as water is drastically reduced from that single source.”

She added that because of the water scarcity often rationing was introduced, resulting in longer queues for water than usual.

“The water rationing strategy encompasses closure of water from 6 pm to 6 am the next morning,” she said.

Chieftainess Majara added that the road that connects the village to Ha Foso is in poor condition.

She said: “Public transport is unavailable because of the bad roads. People have to hike or walk to Ha Foso, which is roughly 5km from the village.”

One of the villagers, Mr. Thabiso Lenka, said although the shortage of water is currently a major problem, electricity installation has restored their confidence, that one day, the water crisis issue would also be addressed.

Electricity installation in nine villages of Liboping, Mokhethoaneng, Ha Tumo, Tocha, Malumeng, Ha Majara, Ha Mokhele, Ha Sebolai, and Makola is scheduled for completion this May.

  Calvin Ntho

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