Chinese business community appeals to police

Chinese business community appeals to police

Mohale’s Hoek – The Chinese business community operating in Mohale’s Hoek appealed to the police to attend to reported crimes timely.

This, they said during a meeting aimed at strengthening relations between them and the police.

During the meeting, the Chinese business community said they are usually victims of robbery hence a need for the police to attend the scene of crime timeously.

The Officer Commanding Mohale’s Hoek police, Senior Superintendent Khethisang Koro urged the Chinese to hire security officers at their business premises for protection of their assets and their lives.

He added that they should avoid carrying huge amounts of cash without security or keeping it at their business premises as such makes them targets of robbery.

Senior Superintendent Koro called for loyalty among employees in such businesses and to their employers in order to sustain their work, saying that in some criminal incidents, employees are involved as they provide information to criminals.

He said the meeting came after the realisation that the Chinese community have become victims of crime in some cases due to ignorance on certain issues.

A similar meeting will be held with Indian business community in the district on a date yet to be set. Lena

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