Expert says corruption hinders development

If corruption will continue to happen the way it is doing now, the African countries, Lesotho inclusive will never realise peace, security, stability and development.
Prof. Patrick Lumumba, former Director of Kenya Anti Corruption Commission said this in his presentation delivered as a guest speaker invited at the anti corruption symposium on this year’s theme, ”United against corruption for development, peace and security in the context of the Lesotho Constitutional reforms agenda” held in Maseru on Monday.
He said unless those in authority stop corruption in all its forms, development of their own countries will also not see the light hence the need for all to join efforts and implement strategies put in place to eliminate corruption.
Prof. Lumumba said corruption continues to be a subject in all African countries and need to be rooted out so that the nations can realise development and stability.
He commended the Cabinet for declaring their assets by filling the forms with the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences (DCEO) but was quick to advise DCEO to examine the forms very well to ensure that there is no wealth hidden elsewhere by those filling the forms.
He also applauded the government for strengthening the Directorate by increasing its budget saying the money should be used locally to address problems facing Lesotho instead of spending it attending the international conferences abroad.
He said the country should respect the law and follow the regional and international frameworks enacted to prevent and control corruption around the globe.
Prof. Lumumba advised the politicians to exercise the power entrusted to them by the public to bring joy and happiness in the country by stopping acts of corruption and strive towards making reforms for Lesotho’s development and her people.
Speaking at the same occasion, the Commissioner of Police Mr. Holomo Molibeli said corruption continues to occur in the country saying two weeks back it has been found out that there are 92 deceased persons in three villages of Thaba Tseka district who still receive pension yet they are already dead.
He said corruption affects all hence the need for everybody to join the fight against it adding that strong policies and controls should be implemented.
He pointed out that corruption is there and it is suffocating the economic growth of the country. He mentioned theft of public funds, bribery and fraud as some of the corruption acts facing the country.
Speaking at the same occasion the Director General for DCEO Advocate Borotho Matsoso said corruption affects all and it is only when all participate in its fight that the scourge can be rooted out for the development of the country.
He said corruption remains number one enemy on development, peace and stability in the country.
Adv. Matsoso encouraged the whole cabinet to declare assets as the anti corruption act requires.
He requested the government through different ministries to allocate two percent of each ministry’s budget to support efforts aimed towards fighting corruption.
Moreover the Acting Commissioner General of Lesotho Revenue Authority Mrs. Idia Penane said the authority is also prepared to fight corruption in all its forms by joining forces with other law enforcement agencies like the DCEO and LMPS.
Meanwhile, an anti corruption walk from Ha Nelese to Maseru club has been scheduled for this Friday to also mark the international anti corruption day annual commemorated on December 09 to raise public awareness of the corruption and how best to fight it.

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