Mphofe brings jobs, tenders in the palm of your hand


MASERU – An open platform that allows people to advertise jobs, scholarships and tender opportunities, mostly for free – – in collaboration with the Youth Career Assistant Association and Codepool, on Wednesday launched a new mobile application product, Spane App for Android mobile devices.

Youth Career Assistant Association alias LesCAss, is an association of youth committed to career development assistance while Codepool is a freelance developers’ team based in the country aimed at creating IT-based solutions.

Kali Mphofe, LesCAss secretary general, on Wednesday explained that Spane App “is designed to provide a platform for free information on opportunities: jobs, tenders and scholarships”.

“This App – probably the first of its kind in the country – illustrates the our initiative in building the most advanced mobile job-seeking experience for Lesotho’s graduates who are unemployment and struggle every week to buy newspapers to look for job opportunities,” he said

He said the App would help job seekers enjoy “the simplest and most powerful mobile job-seeking experience, take job search with them wherever they go and never miss out on any prime job opportunity”.

He explained further that through the App, job-seekers, students seeking scholarships and businessmen looking for tenders will receive jobs and scholarship opportunities and tender notice updates respectively via push notifications anytime and anywhere.

“It is a patent truth that mobile technology has changed our daily routine and how people receive information. People nowadays spend most of their time on mobile devices and less time reading newspapers and it is time for entrepreneurs to leverage this mobile demand.

“The application will provide a whole new jobs, tenders and scholarships searching platform in the palm of the hands of job-seekers, students seeking scholarships and entrepreneurs bidding for tenders,” he added.

According to Mphofe, with the technology advancement, millennials also known as Generation Y, have grown up with internet on their personal mobile phones.

He said this generation is used to ubiquitous access to information on mobile platforms.

“They are socially and globally connected through mobile devices. Why therefore shouldn’t they receive information regarding job opportunities, tenders and scholarships on their mobile phones?”

Innovative features on Spane App include:

Search Jobs: Look up jobs that meet your criteria by typing in keywords in the search area.

In-App Calendar: Preview deadline dates without exiting the app

Jobs & Opportunities Panel: View listed Lesotho and international jobs and opportunities

Share Jobs on WhatsApp: You can share jobs and opportunities with friends and family on WhatsApp

Creative Design: Easy to navigate and read app interface with simple icons

App Documentation: Go through our easy-to-follow mobile app documentation to get the very best performance

“This best-in-class mobile application,” Mphofe said, “serves as a catalyst for, LesCAss and Codepool’s mutual primary focus – giving the youth tools to unleash their expertise.”

He said launch of Spane “is the first step in many initiatives as we move to be mobile-first. We are dedicated to becoming a leader in providing job opportunities on mobile devices.”

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