‘Pitiki’ launched as public service game

The Ministers of Public Service and Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation (MGYSR) on Friday launched Pitiki as a public service game.
The event attended by women from various government Ministries including those occupying high positions became well received and drew the attendance of guest speakers from some of the local radio stations.
The pioneer launch among others serves to help women elevate stress to ensure that they deliver services free of bitterness to harmonise relations with the public and at the workplace.
Speaking at this event, the Minister of Public Service Mr Thesele ‘Maseribane confessed he was skeptical about the initiative yet he has not seen such a beautiful thing. He said he got a request put before him which he said would work to address the public servants’ issues following the realisation that women constitute the majority of the public servants.
Minister ‘Maseribane asserted that enrolling Pitiki into the Public Service games is surely going enthusiastic performance among the officers adding that he is currently conducting ministerial visits to establish and familiarise with the challenges each is faced with towards compiling a report with which to furnish the Cabinet.
He expressed the understanding of the theme of Pitiki in shaping Basotho’s culture, and this which he said is aligned with the Public Service Day theme.
“Cabinet has assigned me a task which though not fully executed does not only aim to push the public servants to function, but to also motivate them,” he asserted divulging that his office is due to introduce the medical aid to help on the medical needs following a realisation that officers are greatly stressed in the respective ministries per their working atmosphere.
On this note adding to the avenues that his Ministry intends improving is the housing scheme for public officers which he said the findings reveal that officers are overburdened with debt hence the intervention to level the ground on that aspect to ensure that such houses are not repossessed afterwards because of the inability to pay up.
He said the factor would help ensure that officers are protected from drowning in debt by building schemes hence pledged hope to finalise same by next week.
Minister ‘Maseribane additionally stated that the work environment is not left behind while he said staff housing is due for rehabilitation because most of the houses are dilapidated and this saying would be addressed so soon as the assessment is finalised to maintain officers’ houses habitable. He thanked the organisers of the event and revealed a trophy dedicated for awarding to the winner of the Pitiki during the public service games.
On the other hand at the same event the Minister of GYSR Mr Kabelo Mafura said presenting the initiative proposal to the Public Service Minister was a challenging task as it was not easy convincing him hence said the launch is a success as it promises the fight of several negative aspects propagated by stress in the public service.
‘This is a groundbreaking day in Lesotho’s history,’ asserted Mr Mafura.
One of the guest speakers Ms Puseletso Ramokhethi meanwhile shed light on the meaning of Pitiki as being part of recreational activities of Basotho played in secret and maintained as such but played and watched by women and not men.
She said the intention is to help participants relax and destress with the greatest benefit going to the non-participants while elevating bitterness from those deprived of what is due to them.
The Director of Gender Mrs. ‘Matau Futho-Letsatsi also stated the relisation that over the years, not all public officers participate in sports and that there are women liking Pitiki hence they converged from various ministries to come up with the initiative that was well received. She said the event served as a build-up to the main commemoration due to be deliberated on.
With many officers lost to depression, Mrs Futho-Letsatsi maintained that such lives could not have been lost had Pitiki been introduced sooner.
With the Public Service Day commemorated annually on June 23, the Government of Lesotho recently advised itself to shift the celebration to a warmer season following a decline established on civil servants attendance of the commemoration during winter.

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