Opposition pulling a political stunt, analysts

Political analysts believe a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister and his government, forwarded to the office of the Speaker of Parliament on Thursday is just a political stunt pulled by opposition parties.
Analysing the matter, Professor Kopano Makoa from the National University of Lesotho (NUL) said there are a number of reasons for the opposition to have proposed the motion, one of which could be to cause panic to supporters of the government or to divert public attention from the revelations of crimes that have been allegedly committed in the past regime.
He again said other reasons could be to test the waters and see how powerful the opposition may be, or it could also be that they are confident that they have support of government Members of Parliament (MP), but was quick to say the latter is highly unlikely.
Supporting his views, the Professor noted it is inconceivable that amid all the allegations of crime against the previous government which has led to current arrests, a rational person would want to back up their plan to overthrow the government and thus discrediting him or herself in the eyes of the voters.
‘I also wonder if the All Basotho Convention (ABC) MPs who are said to be dissatisfied with the way things are in their party would want to be associated with the people whom they had expressed their lack of confidence against in the first place, which consequently led to the elections and formation of their government, or if they have forgotten why they decided they did not want the former coalition government’, said the Professor.
Speaking of a scenario where the motion succeeds, he explained that Lesotho will have to go for elections as the Constitutional court has set a precedence and there is no way that a government will be formed inside the Parliament.
Political Scientist also from NUL, Prof. Motlamelle Kapa weighed in, saying the likelihood of the opposition having support of government MPs is low because they all stand to lose their jobs if the motion goes through.
‘They all know the risks of getting this proposition through, so the opposition could only be trying to cause confusion for those pro government’, he added.
Coming to the reasons given by the Democratic Congress (DC) for its lack of confidence, Prof. Kapa said no one is above the law, and if the police have reasons to believe that any member of the opposition parties has to be called in for questioning or arrested, that should happen, adding that until now there is no concrete evidence from those who claimed police torture.
He commented that it is unfortunate that the public is being deceived by politicians who are taking advantage of the nations’ ignorance on political matters.
In conclusion, he reiterated that in the scenario where the motion succeeds, going for elections is the only way out because of the precedence set by the Constitutional Court.
On Thursday, Mr. Motlalentoa Letsosa, said he took a letter to the office of the Speaker proposing a motion of no confidence against the government, citing arrests of opposition members and the Prime Minister’s utterances that suspects be beaten and the way the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had to exit as reasons for the move.
He said they are confident that they have enough numbers to get through but said if the motion fails, they will have at least tried, instead of sitting back and watching as the public is being abused by police.
The parliament is still on recess and it is yet to be seen what will take place when it opens.

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