Sbongile dreams big

Recognizing the local talent and supporting artists to pursue their talent is the right way to boost the music industry.
This was said one the Mokhotlong rising stars of Sesotho Hip-hop music singer Sbongile Motleleng during an interview with LENA.
Motleleng who is aged 22 started music career way back in 2008 while in primary school said talent is found in abundance within our local settlements but it just need be nurtured for quality production.
She stated that it was high time the government through Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture (MTEC) take an initiative to identify and empower such creativity as it can help to address high unemployment rate among youths.
Motleleng who is also known by the stage name of SB said on social aspect, listening to the music is the revival of joy and happiness in human life, adding that it also helps to release stress factor.
She mentioned that it is every artist’s dream to elevate entertainment industry to the higher limits but that can only be possible if they get enough support.
She highlighted that in most cases, people turn to ignore the local talent while on the other hand giving much support to foreign artists and that impact negatively on local artists.
Responding to why she turned to hip-hop, Motleleng boldly said the world has turned to be dynamic and even the music industry is evolving with the rise of many super stars hence the decision to choose hip-hop rather than to fear the competition of males.
She further said her vision is to gain international fame and to serve all age groups as she has passion of music.
Motleleng noted that to achieve an international recognition, that has to start at the local stage by keeping her brand stable and being loyal to her career unlike some artists who fall along the way just because being addicted to drugs and any other things which ruin their talent.
She said even though she might be new in the industry of entertainment, earlier this year one of her music tracks was voted among the top five tracks of the rising stars in one of the local radio stations and that gave her motive to work even more hard.
Meanwhile, Motleleng said she is currently working on launching a clothing label and releasing an album in September.

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