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Based in the Free State Province capital city, Bloemfontein, Public Eye is the real eye on the province situated in the centre of South Africa.

Bloemfontein, the “City of Roses”, as it had become known locally, is placed with more pivotal importance than any other city in the country. It is the Judicial Capital, the sixth largest city in South Africa and lies on the main road, rail and air links between north and south, east and west and shares almost 90{ce26f346cd59949e2c0f2d00ffd4e33d79c93a92036a118111a0d166462d4b89} of its border with Lesotho.

The province is the granary of South Africa, with agriculture central to its economy, while mining on the rich goldfields reef is its largest employer. However, the Free State economy has moved from dependence on these primary sectors to an economy increasingly oriented towards manufacturing and export.

The unique selling point of Public Eye is that it is community based and focused on Free State in editorial content and circulation, as the province’s advocate of its economic competitiveness, widely distributed in all towns of the province. Its reporting is concentrated, deeper and wider only within the province and it is FREELY accessible to the readers with its editorial inclined towards development news.

Population: Almost 2.8 million.

Print Order:  15, 000                         Circulation: 75, 000

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