Cold expected on Election Day

A very cold but clear weather condition is expected to be experienced throughout the country on Saturday whereby at least two days are left before the 2017 general snap elections.
This was said by the Technical officer of Meteorology services Botha-Bothe Mr. Lijane Ramotoho.
In an interview on Wednesday, Mr. Ramotoho showed that the same weather condition is expected to continue up until Sunday of which people should put on warm clothes during the elections day.
Mr. Ramotoho however urged to parents not to leave open fires unattended during this cold days or even through out the winter season as this may cause a huge damage and harm to children.
Meanwhile, the District Electoral Officer of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Botha-Bothe Mr. Kamohelo Chobokoane reminded the nation that though a very cold weather condition is anticipated, close look on the usage of gadgets will be regulated and a good security system will be provided on each voting station.
He however informed citizens that the political attire for every political party will no longer be worn starting from Friday morning up until the elections day.


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