13 bodies of slain miners brought home

At least 13 out of 14 bodies of slain illegal Basotho miners in Benoni, South Africa have been brought home through the assistance of the Lesotho Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa on Tuesday night.
Speaking in an interview, Member of Parliament for Rothe Constituency Mrs. ‘Manthabiseng Phohleli told LENA the information in her disposal one body is still left behind as arrangements to bring it home are being finalised and was also expected later on Wednesday.
Mrs. Phohleli also highlighted that the information she received is that since the deceased come from the same vicinity of Liqoabing Electoral Division (ED) in the Rothe constituency, the government was planning for a mass funeral.
She said the Government is planning to assist for the bereaved families with the burial, saying that she was yet to meet with the chief in the area to confirm if Leralleng will be an ideal place for the mass funeral as seven of the deceased come from the village.
Mrs. Phohleli said the bodies of the deceased were identified by one Mosotho man also working at the illegal mines in South Africa who was looking for his friend among the dead.
The Rothe MP said Leralleng village is famous for the infighting with man working at the unused mines in South Africa popularly known as ‘Litotomeng’ or ‘Zama Zama’ fighting over mining sites.
She said the perpetrators follow each other even back home, but said it was for the first time so many people from one area being killed.
Majority of the deceased come from Leralleng which has seven while two are from Tso’eneng, one Ha Mokhalinyane, two more from Liqoabing and others from Ha Raphai and Ha Rahlao.

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