Two in court for owing granny’s M127.00 worth of beer

Two men of Ha-Abia appeared before chief Ts’ekelo Matsoso for owing an old woman who is 67 to 70 years old a beer since 2016 and they have been refusing to pay her.

Mapalesa Mohale the owner of the beer hall indicated that the two men named Lira and Matsie of Ha-Abia who are living in the same community with her, last year made a debt of beer to the total cost of M127.00 which they promised to pay within a short period but have since not honoured their promise. She said they failed to pay even after numerous reminders, and she felt they were making her a fool as she always begs for her money from the two young men.

Lira agreed that she owed the old woman money for beer costing M95.00 and asked the chief to give him a chance to pay at the end of the month. Matsie also agreed that she owed the old lady an amount of M32.00 of the beer he drank which he also asked the chief to have some mercy and give him a chance to pay it at the end of the month.

Chief Matsoso gave them a chance to pay their debt month end but made it clear that if they failed to show up on the 1st March 2017 they will be charged interest of the money or the matter will be taken to court where they will face severe consequences.

Meanwhile 53 years old man Mokhobo Mahula of Ha-Abia appealed to the chief to intervene in a case where he accused one Molungoa Ndebele who he said refused to pay him M300.00.

He told the chief’s court that he was a labourer of Ndebele when they were building some house and he was getting a payment of M50.00 per day which Ndebele paid it well from the start but later refused to paid him six days of work.

Ndebele agreed that he owed Mahula M300.00 and managed to pay M250.00 before the chief’s court and claimed that he once gave Mahula M20.00 for his needs and that he will only pay him the balance of M30.00.

Mahula told the chief that the money that he was given by Ndebele was not part of the payment since there was no agreement between them but it was the money to buy his needs like tobacco while on duty.

Chief Matsoso ordered Ndebele to pay Mahula the balance of 50.00 at the end of the month for the sake of peace in the community.

By Tefelo Mosala

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