Street vendors fail to adhere to municipal order

Thursday was a deadline for about twenty-nine street vendors to vacate the Fairways Plaza surroundings and move to either Koporasi or near the Queen II Hospital in Maseru but they failed to do as ordered by the Maseru City Council.
The Chairperson of the informal traders association commonly known as Khathang Tema Baits’ukuli Mr. Ts’olo Lebitsa said the street vendors could not vacate the Fairways area because the matter was not communicated to them properly.
He also said they are yet to inspect the places they are expected to move to and identify if they are potential places for business.
”We can only vacate after inspection though he was not specific as to how soon inspection will take place”, he remarked.
Meanwhile the MCC Public Relations Officer Mrs.’Makatleho Mosala refuted allegations that the matter was not communicated to the street vendors adding that several meetings between the Council and the vendors were held to inform them about the decision to vacate the place.
She said failure to do as ordered will result to legal measures taken against the vendors.
”The street vendors knew they have to vacate the area in question”, she explained.

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