Lesotho welcomes first cardinal

Lesotho Cardinal Sebastian KhoaraiThe Roman Catholic congregations, local authorities including members of the community in the Southern Region today gathered at Catholic Training Center to welcome Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier from Durban who is sent by Pope to inaugurate the retired Bishop Sabatian Khoarai as the Cardinal in African Countries.
Speaking during the welcoming ceremony the Archbishop Tlali Lerotholi O.M.I said Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier together with Cardinal Sabastian Khoarai are the servants sent purposely by God to his nations on earth.
He informed the gathering that the Cardinal Khoari has been already inaugurated as the confirmed Cardinal during the ceremony for 17 cardinals appointed from eleven countries held in Rome on November 19, 2016 and he did not attend the ceremony due to his age.
Archbishop Lerotholi said the activity symbolized the love of God and his mercy to the whole country not only for the Roman Catholic Church as others might think, saying the activity reminded them about 1988 events when Pope Visited Lesotho.
He notified the nation that they should understand that God is with them all the time hence appointing of the cardinal from this country, saying they should learn how good leadership should be in church.
Archbishop said Basotho should always appreciate God through regular praying and praise God that good things had come to Lesotho as it is his purpose that this events take place right here in the country.
He said Cardinal Sabastian Khoarai is the first to be appointed in the African Country as the cardinal and has put the country on the map, urging all to have hope in their problems as it not yet over.
On the other hand the Principal Chief of Likhoele Chief Lerotholi Seeeiso said all should understand that God has so loved the country of Lesotho hence appointing of the cardinal in the country.
He said they really thanked the former leadership of this country for allowing priests to enter, saying today’s activity is so important to the whole country not only to the Roman Catholic Church.
The Principal Chief thanked the family of Khoarai for upbringing the blessed and such understanding child who has turned into the African Cardinal panel in the Roman Catholic Church.
He said the newly appointed Cardinal has served successfully so many years as the leader in the Roman Catholic Church in the Southern Region, saying really he deserves the position without doubt.
However Cardinal Khoarai cannot qualify for Papal elections even to vote for the eligible contestant due to his age (87) since such elections are contested by cardinals aged 79 years and below.
Present at the occasion among others included the local authorities and the public at large.

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