Lesotho’s first TV series to hit big screens

Motheea Mpharoane-owner-of-Our-timesOur Times, a new full HD drama series is in negotiations with big screens to show cast its episodes.
The series Director, Executive Producer and owner Motheea Mpharoane indicated that they are not only negotiating business with the state Television Lesotho TV, they also negotiating with big screens such as SABC1, E TV, M Net (Mzansi Magic), African channel in USA and many other channels.
However, he explained the soapy emerged after he tried producing some documentaries that never work out and then decided to build a studio and start something that will generate income on daily basis.
“This studio will help in job creation, and help my actors and the whole staff fight poverty,” he said.
He decided to use HD in order to compete globally for the world is living in the modern technical ways.
“Our work-on should be able to be played on both analogue and HD, for Lesotho is also moving from analogue to digital migration” he said.
In an interview with Public Eye he explained that growing up in a location where watching television was a taboo drove him to pursue his dream in drama, acting, producing films and writing scripts.
In that case he decided to quit his job as a lecturer at the National University of Lesotho and focus on his acting project which took most of the youth with storm, who are in harry to become celebrities.
“I wouldn’t lie; it was challenging after I left my job, starting to earn zero income monthly and buying all the equipments with every cent I owned,
All I had was my family which supported me, especially my beautiful wife and mom,” he explained.
This is a project of its kind in Lesotho and we need support because if it succeed many people who volunteered now will be paid and have a better life.
We will be in a position to launch our soapy as soon as we finalised our deals with the broadcasters. – Public Eye.

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