Ministry of Health launches Rotavirus vaccination campaign

The Deputy Minister of Health, Mrs. ‘Manthabiseng Phohleli, yesterday launched a campaign for the Rotavirus vaccination scheduled to start this month.

The launch was took place at the Ministry’s headquarters. Mrs ‘Manthabiseng Phohleli said the Rotavirus vaccine will be added to the already scheduled vaccinations being administered to children.

She added that the vaccine will prevent symptoms associated with diarrhoea which include vomiting, high fever, lose stool, dehydration among others.

She explained that dehydration symptoms can be detected by dry and wrinkled skin and sunken eyes.

Mrs. Phohleli added that these could be fatal if children are not quickly attended to, hence the introduction of Rotavirus vaccine.

The Health Deputy Minister further said her Ministry conducted a research that established that many children in Lesotho are suffering from Rotavirus-related diarrhoea.

She thus urged those involved in the Ministry to work hard in sensitising the nation about the importance of vaccines in preventing deaths and illness among children.

Mr. John Nkonyane who works in the Health Ministry said diarrhoea in Lesotho is among the Top 10 complaints at health centres across the country.

He added that an establishment made reveals that diarrhoea is among the top ailments leading to children being hospitalised.

Mr. Nkonyane stated that it is the second highest of the Top 10 child killer diseases, adding that boys are the most affected compared to girls.

The Ministry encouraged parents to take their children to clinics for immunisation.


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