Manpower sponsorships for January 2018 launched

The Minister of Development Planning, Minister Tlohelang Aumane, says the National Manpower Development Secretariat (NMDS) will launch loan bursary sponsorship for the academic year commencing in January 2018.

Minister Aumane said such sponsorship is for applicants wishing to pursue tertiary education at institutions in South Africa (800) and Lesotho through the Lesotho College of Education (LCE) (800), Centre for Accounting Studies (CAS) (177), and the National University of Lesotho (NUL) where 88 sponsorships will be disbursed towards the pursuit of postgraduate studies.

He said the programme lists, conditions and admission requirements can be accessed at the NMDS offices and those of the District Administrators (DA) as well as local institutions mentioned above starting Monday this week.

He added that published categories would include recommended candidates who have met the NMDS loan bursary sponsorship requirements on a point system.

Mr. Aumane added that the other categories will comprise candidates on the waiting list – names of people who have lower scores and wait for openings on the recommended candidate’s lists.

He further asserted that the other category is for the candidates who have failed to meet the requirements, especially payment of outstanding debts for past loan bursary sponsorships benefited from the NMDS.

Minister Aumane said the groups would be served by prioritising the recommended candidates on conditions that they submit an admission letter only for next category to follow where gaps are not filled with the same conditions.

He said the excluded category would only be sponsored when openings are available even after serving the two top categories and only when they have settled their previous debt with NMDS.

He said all candidates should meet the requirements, including producing a study leave or resignation letter in cases where they are serving public officers.

Each of the aforementioned institution candidates are expected to sign contracts at the NMDS on designated dates – December 7 and 8 for CAS applicants, December 11 and 12 for NUL postgraduate programmes, and December 12 to 15 for LCE.

The recommended South African candidates are on the other hand expected to sign contracts from December 18-20.

Dates for the filling of places for wait-listed candidates wishing to study at South African institutions will be announced in due course.


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