Government registers success within months

The Government of Lesotho has over the period of five months managed to restore the rule of law in the country.

This was revealed by Member of Parliament (MP) for Mosalemane, Mr Tsoinyane Rapapa yesterday.

Mr Rapapa added that over the past years things had gone out of hand as some people were above the law, however, since the reign of 4×4 government things changed as people are held accountable for their acts.

He indicated that there is a slide economic improvement also as the economic growth rate has increased from three percent to four percent.

He noted that there is still more to be done such as creating jobs especially for the youth.

Mr Rapapa stated that there is a great improvement in parliament administration as they have managed to pass some laws within a short period of time.

However, he expressed disappointment in the closure of parliament just after a month, adding that this hinders them to do their job properly as representatives of the public.

He pointed out that during the opening of the parliament they managed to register some successes that include presentation of the financial reports of 2014, 2015 and 2016 within the first four months of the opening.

He highlighted that the government has also commenced with the implementation of Southern African Development Community (SADC) decisions, which is a great achievement while they still need to proceed with the process.

Mr Rapapa noted that despite those achievements as MPs they still expect more from the government. He added that there has been no progress in reviewing the reforms, which are vital to ensure the betterment of Lesotho.

He indicated that he expected the Polihali dam construction to take-off, adding that it has been delayed while it was supposed to be given first priority.

He added that public participation would be expected when making laws.

He, therefore, said there is a need to slow down when making laws in order to gather the public views so that their input can be included. He further said that there is still a lot to do such as amending the Electoral Act in order to ensure that Basotho who reside in foreign countries get a chance to cast their votes during the General Elections.

He pointed out that they also need to be more effective in the fight against corruption as well as acting against the maladministration that’s happening within government.

MP for Malingoaneng, Mr Serialong Qoo expressed disappointment in the government’s performance, adding that they have not even tried to respond to the public’s needs.

He highlighted that over the past five months they have not invested in any kind of development, however, continues to follow unfounded leads and arrest the public without enough evidence.

He indicated that the government of Lesotho and the office of the Speaker fail to properly enforce the rules prescribed in its Standing Orders for the orderly conduct of parliamentary business.

Mr. Qoo said they are not allowed to present their queries to the Prime Minister despite the fact that Standing Order 27 allows them to ask the Prime Minister questions once a month.

He further added that they do not expect much from this government as they are aware that it is not ready to serve the interests of this nation.

The 4×4 regime came into office following the 2017 snap elections that took place on June 3.


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