Citizen attempts to rob the government

After spending more than a month sleeping at the District Administrator’s (DA)offices, Mr. Masolela Rapase, who was assumed to have a mental illness only wanted to rob the government.

The Acting District Administrator, Mrs. Manti Molupi, said Mr. Rapase complained that he was dismissed from the Department of National Identity Civil Registration (NICR) without being assisted; hence he came to seek help from the DA’s office.

Mrs. Molupi explained that she went to the NICR offices together with Mr. Rapase to meet with the NICR manager, Mr. Paseka Mohanoe.

It is during this meeting that Mrs. Molupi learnt that Mr Rapase’s ID had already been issued to him, but he wanted to change his birth year so that he could get pension money hence he was applying for a new one.

Mrs. Molupi said: “After my meeting with the NICR manager I got puzzled by his explanation. I decided that Mr Rapase should be taken to the hospital to be examined; however, the results prove that he has a sound mind.”

The NICR Manager, Mr. Paseka Mohanoe, explained that his office once went to Ha Rapase where Mr. Rapase lives and registered the community members, him included.

She said that the office organised transport to take him home, about three times, but he kept coming back after business hours at the office area.

“After a while, he came to the office claiming that his ID got lost therefore he wanted to apply for another ID. This time he wanted to apply with different names (Ponto Lesala), but the machines declined because his finger prints were already in the system,” Mr. Mohanoe said.

Mr. Mohanoe further explained that the following day they filled up the replacement form and reported the matter to the police.

They were asked by the police to wait three months while in search of Mr. Rapase’s national identity card.

According to Mr. Mohanoe, Mr Rapase is not mentally ill. He wants to be assisted changing his birth year so that he is eligible for pension money.

He added that NICR cannot help him because it’s against the law as well as rules and regulations that govern them.


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