Botswana Parliament passes the motion to create a mandatory sex offenders registry

On December 1, Botswana passed the motion to create a mandatory sex offenders registry and ban sex offenders from working in institutions that deal with children.

Botswana joined the list of countries that have a mandatory sex offenders registry.

The Specially Elected Member of Parliament, Bogolo Kenewendo, tabled the proposal before Parliament to have names of sex offenders registered and published.

Botswana is the third African country to have the sex offenders list after South Africa and Kenya. In both countries, the list is to be provided to employers and interested parties to conduct checks.

However, Botswana seeks to have the list public to ensure and promote public safety.

In August 2017, Botswana Police stated that there were 171 cases of defilement between January and May 2017 and an increase of sexual offences from 543 cases in 2015 to 617 cases in 2016.

“In the past, Batswana treated such cases as top secret, but through our community outreach and seminars, cases of this nature are being reported.

“We have also partnered with schools because most of the victims are school-going children, to report anything to us if they can identify any abnormalities in the learners’ behaviour.

“We also addressed Dikgosi through police forums regarding such offences and since then such cases are reported and prosecuted before a court,” Botswana Police Service spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Witness Bosija said in August.

The move to create the registry was supported by Assistant Minister Local Government and Rural Development Botlogile Tshireletso, who stated that the law is in line with the country’s Children’s Act which protects children from coming in contact with sex offenders.

“I want this law to pass and be implemented like yesterday, we need to protect our elderly and young children and even the able-bodied women against psychopaths who have made it a habit these days to rape and assault women,” Tshireletso said.


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