Thabane yearns for performance based civil service

Prime Minister Thomas Thabane yearns for a delivery service performance based public service with appropriate salary structure and he wishes to see this will come into effect with the reformed civil service.
Thabane was speaking during a Public Service games launch by Maesaiah Thabane Trust Fund and Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) in Maseru on Thursday.
He said Lesotho’s Public Service’s problem is that salaries and benefits of servants are not performance based, and if that dream can be realised, service delivery is likely to improve.
He urged government employees to work hard to rescue Lesotho from poverty as he said it has the potential to become a leading country in economy in the Southern Africa if its citizens believe in themselves.
Meanwhile, the First Lady Maesaiah Thabane said it came to her attention that public servants needed recreational activities and sports as a way to destress as for a long time they have been known for poor service delivery and rudeness to the public seeking government service.
She mentioned politics as another factor that has been polarising the public service, emphasising that every one of them needs to remember that they must work and be loyal to any government that comes in, regardless of their political interests.
“This is what made me think it would be important for the Trust Fund to extend a helping hand and play a part in reviving the public service through a joint venture between it and LEFA”, she said.
At the same event, Minister of Communications, Chief Joang Molapo, on behalf of Public Service Minister, commended the PM’s wife for the initiative and attending to the needs of government employees.
He said it was good to know that there were people who still wanted the best for this country and pleaded with her not stop caring for the nation.
The fixture has been drawn of the 28 government ministries where they will play against each other beginning on November 10 until the 12th where the first winner in the finals will get M20 000, the second to get M10 000 and the third to be presented with M5 000 by the fund.
Ministry of Water plays against the Royal Palace, Energy against Labor, Education to face Law, Cabinet against Works, while, Finance will compete with Social Development, Local Government with Health, Tourism versus Agriculture, Police versus Foreign Affairs, Defence against Planning, Home Affairs with Parliament, Forestry will face Trade, Justice versus Small Business, Mining against Public Service and Communications with Gender.

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