Moleleki says it’s a turn for new blood in active politics …‘There is more space in the new party’, he says

The Deputy Prime Minister and also a Member of Parliament for Machache Constituency Mr. Monyane Moleleki, says he was representing Alliance of Democrats (AD) for the last time in 2017 elections.
This, he said at a ceremony held in Machache on Saturday whose objective was to thank the people of Machache and AD members for electing him in the past elections.
Mr. Moleleki said he is even considering handing over AD leadership to one of the members in due course.
He said his objective is to give the youth an opportunity to lead as they are future leaders, indicating that he is old and could get a proportional seat in the Parliament under AD after elections.
He therefore urged members to start selecting a person who will represent the party in the constituency.
He further reminded members that AD has 10 seats in the Parliament out of 120, indicating that there is no need for them to fight for positions within the party but to build it so that it could grow like All Basotho Convention (ABC).
He also expressed gratitude to the people of Machache and Basotho for electing him seven times during general elections.
Speaking on behalf of ABC, Mr. Lebohang Hlaele said AD and the other three parties which formed the government have a bright future and urged Basotho to support the government.
He said ABC vowed to work hand in hand with any mosotho who is intending to combat poverty, commending Mr. Moleleki for the role he played in the formation of the coalition government.
The Leader of Reformed Congress of Lesotho (RCL) Mrs. Keketso Rants’o assured Basotho that the coalition government will never let Basotho down , assuring Basotho that the proposed motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister will not make any impact in the government.
On the other hand, the Leader of Basotho National Party (BNP) Mr. Thesele Maseribane said it is the responsibility of Basotho to maintain peace in the country, urging Basotho to support the government as it will work tirelessly to ensure that peace prevails in Lesotho.
He also assured Basotho that they will ensure that motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister will not pass in the Parliament, appealing to the government to combat poverty and corruption.
Mr. Moleleki won the Machache constituency with 4, 223 votes, which constitute 53 percent of the total votes in the constituency.
Out of 16, 591 registered people for the Machache constituency only 8,012 voted.
Alliance of Democrats is a break away party from Democratic Congress and was established in 2016 before to 2017 elections.

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