Mokhosi ‘feels threatened’

The former Defence Minister Mr. Tseliso Mokhosi says he fled the country to escape from police torture.
In an interview, Mr. Mokhosi said following his public disclosure of the torture and how he was forced to implicate himself in the murder of police Constable Mokalekale Khetheng, the police attempted to arrest him again.
“I was just a free man for one day”, he said, referring to last Monday. He said the police surrounded his home last Tuesday; however, he managed to escape as he was not at home at the time.
Mr. Mokhosi said he feels threatened; therefore, he seeks protection from the government of Lesotho.
Mr. Mokhosi also said he is not a criminal as there is no case against him in court, adding that all he is accused of is a fabricated story.
About the violation of his bail conditions, he said he did not violate the bail conditions since his movements were not restricted, therefore, he can go wherever he wants.
In his statement, which he made soon after his release, Mr. Mokhosi said he was placed in a dark and stinking cell at the police headquarters and was subjected to the most inhumane, barbaric, savage, traumatising, cruel, and heartless treatment by the police who also ordered him to undress, while handcuffed.

Mr. Mokhosi claims, in the process, the police suffocated him with a plastic bag with water to a point that he even defecated and urinated.
Mr. Mokhosi says after his ordeal at the police, they told him a story which he was supposed to narrate before the Magistrate. He said he cannot reveal details of the story since it is now part of the case.
The bail conditions required Mr. Mokhosi to pay a deposit of M1,000, not interfere with the crown witnesses, and attend remands on set dates as well as stand trial to finality.
Mokhosi’s murder case, CRI/0620/17, was opened last month.



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