Mokaloba comes out guns blazing

Brigadier Ramanka Mokaloba came out guns blazing at a memorial service of the slain army Commander Lieutenant General Khoantle Motsomotso yesterday in Maseru, promising that this country will eventually be governable, whether somebody likes it or not.
Brigadier Mokaloba said human rights activists must keep mum when the time comes to bring this country to order. Those who resist, then the army will have to defend itself against rebels and renegade soldiers in any way that they will see fit he said.
“A soldier must only die when there is justifiable cause so that their deaths are honoured. It is sad that the two renegade soldiers decided the Commander’s blood to be in their hands, and I wonder what they would do in the long run if they had not been killed”, he said.
He warned those who are on the run saying they influenced the whole situation, and for that, they will soon see their day in court to account for their deeds.
Brigadier Mokaloba urged them to surrender and come out with the weapons they are hiding or face the fury of the army.
The Principal Secretary (PS) for Defence, Colonel Tanki Mothae said the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) mandate is clear – the military has to be subjected to civilian control, and it is unfortunately that the two decided to kill the Commander.
The PS said some elements did not want the decisions of the SADC to be implemented, but said it is encouraging that Major General Lineo Poopa pledged to root out such malefactors.
Colonel Mothae echoed Brigadier Mokaloba’s words by advising those who had a hand in Lieutenant General Motsomotso’s death and the instability in the country, army members or civilians, to hand themselves over because the subsequent arrests will be unbearable for the conspirators.
The late Lieutenant General Motsomotso was born in 1960 in the Butha-Buthe district. He attended school at Tlholo Primary School before moving to Pitseng High School.
He served the army for 36 years and eight months.



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