Chinese Embassy holds symposium on China-Lesotho cooperation

Last week Thursday, the Chinese Embassy in Lesotho held the first Symposium on China-Lesotho Capacity Building Practical Cooperation.

H.E. Dr. Sun Xianghua, Ambassador of China, Hon. Tlohelang Aumane, Minister of Development Planning, Mr. Thabang Lekhela, Deputy Principle Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officials from the relevant departments of the Lesotho government, representatives of former trainees, and students who were trained or studied in China attended the symposium.

Ambassador Sun indicated in his remarks that the Chinese government attached great importance to the China-Lesotho Capacity Building Practical Cooperation, and it was always an important area of mutual assistance and exchanges between the two sides.

He said such cooperation was the main approach to share Chinese development experience and skills with Basotho and to help Basotho to realise self-reliant development.

He encouraged the participants of this symposium to reflect upon the achievements of the past years in this cooperation field, and to discuss how both sides can do better and achieve more in the future.

Hon. Aumane spoke highly of the China-Lesotho cooperation which has constantly deepened and achieved many fruits. He said, Basotho who attended China’s training programmes or studied in China really benefit a lot.

Hon. Aumane called upon them to share experience, skills and knowledge acquired from China with all Basotho so that more Basotho can benefit from the bilateral capacity building cooperation.

All participants lively joined the above-mentioned group discussion.

They expressed their gratitude to the Chinese government for the capacity building programmes, and commended the Embassy and relevant departments in China for the high-quality courses and heart-felt arrangements.

They said the courses had broadened their horizon and enable them to effectively improve their business or service, and suggested that the Chinese side continue providing training opportunities for Lesotho to meet its development needs.

The symposium concluded in a warm atmosphere. Through communication and discussion, the participants not only gained friendship with each other, but also exchanged knowledge and skills which they had learned in the bilateral capacity building cooperation and their good practices of using them, which further maximises the effect of the relevant programmes.



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